Community Primary School

EYFS visit to Irchester library - Thursday 13th June

Please can the children bring their library cards with them in the morning.

FICPS Fathers Day Sale - Friday 14th June

A selection of the gifts for sale are available to view in reception.

Year 6 visit to Chester House - Tuesday 18th June

Please can the children arrive at Chester House for 9.15am, collection from Chester House will be at 2.30pm.

Class assembly 1KO - Wednesday 19th June in KS2 hall

The assembly will start at 9am and last for 30 minutes.

Year 5 performance at The Castle Theatre - Wednesday 19th June

The children will be transported to the theatre after lunch. The performance will start at 6pm and collection time from the theatre is 7pm.

01933 353848

01933 353848

Year 4 Mental Health Week

June 13, 2024

Year 4

Mental Health Week update: in Year 4, we have been exploring the different ways we can express our feelings by recording them in a journal this week. It didn’t matter whether we wanted to write a few sentences or to draw an image of our feelings, we all found that it really does help to be able to express our feelings, without judgement. We spent some time talking to each other, checking in on our friends and taking a few moments to reflect quietly with ourselves. Some us have even decided to carry on keeping a journal of our thoughts and emotions. We know that: we are hard workers, we can do hard things, we can do whatever we set our minds to, we can think of great ideas and that we can get through anything – together.